The Last of the Yukon River Salmon - PeterMather
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Missing Salmon

A Tesling Tlingit elder cleans salmon for canning. Unable to get fish from their river, the Teslin people fly salmon from the Taku Drainage into their community.
The Teslin Tlingit people of the Yukon, have voluntarily stopped fishing for Chinook Salmon due to the drastically decreased numbers migrating to their traditional territory. For 15 years, they have chosen not to catch any salmon, in the hopes that the salmon numbers can rebound for future generations. The Yukon River chinook salmon is a threatened species after decades of significant declines. The Teslin Tlingit culture is based around salmon so, it is a strong sacrifice. The project has documented the old salmon camps, that are now lonely outposts, hoping to one day see the salmon culture revived.

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